Newk Lesson #2, May 5

By lesson #2’s end, you’ll have learned: Chords C, F, C7, and G; Strums single and double.

Last week: Chord intro:  C & F using slap method. Strum intro: single strum. Parts of uke, especially tuning pegs, saddle, and nut, which are areas that sometimes need work or adjustment. Flat wrist position, thumb placement more or less behind 2nd fret, curved finger placement  for chording on fret close to lower fret wire; 45 degree position of uke sitting on body, elbow slightly out from body on chording hand. Played Buffalo Gals to learn the single strum. Softer sound of thumb strum, crisper and louder sound of index strum played with fingernail.

This week, we’ll review C & F, with Buffalo Gals. Yellow Rose of Texas will introduce us to C7 and the double strum.   G will be introduced, slap method, then, using G, F, and C with Feelin ‘Groovy. (Find Feelin’ Groovy in the Music Archives, and download, please). If time, we’ll learn Shady Grove (Download from Music Archives), with C, F, & G chords also.

The strap I use for my uke is from: Long Hollow Leather:

Item # 71070, comes in black or brown, maybe other colors I don’t know about. Very soft. Approximately $20; can be ordered thru Amazon, or thru the company, here is the Amazon link:

The company info:
(615) 794-7147

Also, talked about the Aaron Keim Beginning Uke book,  A Ukulele Handbook which i used for the last two classes. I’m not using it for this class, but you might find it useful. You can download it for $15 for the digital version:

Email if questions, concerns, problems, whatever!            Linda