Newk Lesson # 2, Nov 10, 2016

Material covered:  Chords: C, F, G7  Strums: single and double

Last week, we covered the parts of the uke: nut, bridge, frets, strings G, C, E, A  (aka 4,3,2,1 with 1 being closest to your knee, and 4 closest to your nose); how to hold, value of straps, thumb wrist and position of fingers.  We learned C and F; we used the single strum.

This week, we’ll review those things, plus add: “where do I strum? What do i strum with and why?”  We’ll learn G7, with the slap method.  We’ll talk about what makes up a chord (just a dash of music theory!).  Let’s go back to Buffalo Gals and also Deep In The Heart of Texas (where we’ll try a double strum) , and with G7 we can do a 3-chord song, Washington, Washington.
Please download these songs, most of you already have the first two.

Think about it:  you are learning 1)to shape chords  2)to strum  3) to hold the uke comfortably. Multi-tasking!!  Some folks have that ability to sing along additionally right away, if you are one of them, do it. If you aren’t, you will find that “later” is your best friend!  If a song is unfamiliar to you, “fer sure” don’t try to sing it. The chords and strumming are quite enough!

Please come to the jam at 1:15 if you’d like; I’ll get you seated next to someone who can guide you a bit!!

Again, keep these lesson plans in your binder to be able to review what you’ve learned so far.  Each week, I’ll review at top of this page what you have covered so far, including the new lesson’s material.