Newk Lesson #2, Nov 15, 2018

Before next Thursday’s class, please review the Am & C (one-finger chords) and F (2 finger chord). Remember, there’s a bit of a pattern as to frets and fingers. More or less, index finger is “assigned” the first fret, middle finger the second fret, and ring finger the 3rd fret.  Check the pdf labeled “Ukulele Chord chart for Absolute Beginners” which has the hand with the numbered fingers on top, to check that you have those 3 chords correctly fingered.

Review the song, Deep in the Heart of Texas, sing and strum it, change chord on the word “Texas” (pretty cool song for beginners, with that Texas chord change reminder!)  We’ll fine-tune strumming this Thursday, so you’ll have more of a sense of what choices you have there. We’ll talk about curved fingers like little ballerina toes on your strings (oh brother!), thumb position, flat wrists, and the fact that your left and right hand will start to develop their own memories, especially when you realize you don’t need to always be looking at either of your hands, spacial memory will develop.

Yes, we will get into another easy song: Jambalaya, and a couple more easy chords to go with it.
And maybe, maybe not, we’ll get into Heart and Soul.

Other things i want to bring up today:  Karl’s baritone uke, getting materials, study groups, calluses, stretching, what the heck is re-entrant tuning?

This is a good time to give yourself a gift of a half hour of uke a day, or as close to that as you can.  Play around with that uke of yours, make a chord pattern using Am, C and F, 4 strums each, (or 8 strums each, or a mix) in whatever order of chords that is pleasing to you.   3 chords is more than enough to start your musical career!  Occasionally, play each string separately to see that it sounds clear because you are giving enough finger pressure.  Press only as hard as you need to, not harder, so you don’t hurt yourself!