Newk Lesson #20, April 5, 2018, La Ultima!

A review of what you’ve been intro’d to in the last 20 weeks: all the major, sevenths, and minor chords in keys of C,  D, F, and G, most of ’em in keys of A, Bb, and D. (Refer to your downloaded page with the heading (KEYS/Chord families); the diminished chords; strum patterns (single, double, chattanooga or freight train, calypso, inside-outside picking, chunking;
changing chords with minimum effort, proper hand and arm position, intro to chord melody, playing with a group and aiming to keep the rhythm with all of the others.

Refer back to the lessons to review, use the songs that helped you to learn the chords to review those chords.  Come to the jams, don’t “fret” about it, play and sing your heart out, and make lots of errors happily!  Try to learn one new song each week pretty well.  Mess around a lot on many new songs each week!

Today, we’re going to work on Pachelbel, learning the parts and putting together in orchestra fashion.  Also, have These Boots are Made For Walking , Four or Five Times, and You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere with you.