Newk Lesson #3, May 12, 2016

By Lesson #3’s end, you’ll have learned: Chords C, C7, F, G, G7.  Strums: Single & Double

Reviewing Lesson 2: Body: Checked thumb placement (middle of the neck back, behind the 2nd fret (more or less), straight wrists, curved fingers, holding uke flat and parallel to body, 45 degree angle, elbow of chording arm not clenched to side, which can make your wrist too bent.
Chords: G & C7, Strum: Double   Songs:  Buffalo Gals, Yellow Rose of T., Shady Grove

Lesson 3: Review Chords G and C, and moving easily in between; review F and C7, and “hopping” the index finger from its position in the F chord on the E string, to its position in C7 chord on the A string.    Learn: G7; then an exercise in moving from F to G7 by “anchoring” the index finger, which stays in the same place for both F and G7.

Exercises to move with minimum effort between chords: (also, we’ll switch between single and double strum)

F////   G7////   C////              F//     G7//  C//               G////   C7////                     C////  F////  G7////  C////

Messing around with the 12 bar blues:    C    F    C    C
                                                                         F    F    C    C
G   F    C    C
Kansas City, Be Bop a Lula, Chains Of Love, In the Summertime
(Mungo Jerry) Going up the Country, Route 66, Hound Dog

We’ll replace G with G7, C with C7, to “blues” it up some more!!

Download Red River Valley, Bad Moon Rising, Ninety-Six Tears;  for this Lesson.