Newk Lesson #3, May 18, 2017

What  we”ve learned so far:  Your hand and body position: how to hold & where to strum your uke: ( 45 degree angle, strum where fretboard meets neck; thumb is placed backside of second fret (lower portion), keep a few inches between your side & your left elbow, keep wrist flat, curl chording fingers rather than flat on the fretboard.)  Chords: F, C, & G.   Single & double strum.  Use thumb as  brace for index finger on strumming hand.  Sound difference between fingernail & fleshy part of index finger (strumming down with fingernail, and up with fleshy part on the double strum).

Last week, we learned G & double strum, and had an intro to the ChattaNOOga strum, which is a variation on the double strum.

This week, we’ll  review Hokey Pokey & Buffalo Gals to refresh ourselves on the F, C and G chords; then go on to the D chord, with the slap method.  Then we will play Polly Wolly Doodle, which uses D and G.  Please download. Both of these chords use 3 fingers to shape. We’ll use the slap method, and some fake Superglue to get the D chord working for you.

Let’s use muted strings in a fast downup-downup double strum,to accompany ourselves singing PWD first, then play the chords too.

If time, we’ll go on to Iko Iko, which has a C7, a very easy one-finger chord shape.  It also has F, which you’ve already learned. Please download.