Newk Lesson #3, Nov 29, 2018

You’ve been introduced to a few chords already: the Am and C, which are both formed with one finger; the A and the F, both formed with two fingers and almost the same formation; G7, our first 3 finger chord, and D6, which requires using the whole second fret.

You’ve learned the single, or “down” strum using either the thumb pad or the nail of index finger, and to strum where the neck of the fretboard meets the body of the uke: down, down, down, down.  You’ve learned the up strum, which follows the down strum, using the pad of index finger. Usually the down and up strums using the index finger are executed together: down up, down up, down up, down up, in quick succession.

Here is some homework with help from handsome Brett, who will cover these two strums plus variations. Do at least the first 2 of 5, but it wouldn’t hurt to go thru all of ’em:

Let’s review these chords and think of them as a repeatable pattern:  C, Am,  F, G7.  (For G7, i’ll introduce the “slap method” to help you with muscular memory of it).

Continuing with the idea of your hands “remembering” patterns thru muscle memory, we’ll repeat that chord pattern over and over, as we sing a song, Heart and Soul.  We’ll take it slow, using this aide, beginning with clapping the rhythm:  clap clap, clap clap, clap clap, clap clap (1-2, 1-2,  1-2, 1-2) ; then sing the song while clapping the rhythm: then bring in the chords to replace the clapping, 2 beats/chord: C, Am, F, G7

If time, we’ll try a couple of seasonal songs, Feliz Navidad and Santa Claus is Coming To Town..Click on each of these two songs to download the music file.