Newk Lesson #3, Nov 30, 2017

Here’s a summary of what’s been covered:  Chords: C, F.  We touched on C7 and G.  Strums: Single.  We touched on the double strum. Body ergonomics: thumb, wrist, fingers, elbow.

Maybe the trickiest thing you are experiencing right now is, when forming a chord, inadvertently touching a string next to the one you are aiming at, which can making the other string buzz, or getting a thunk instead of a clear tone.  This will ease up as you remember to curl your fingers over the frets, and learn how much pressure is really needed to make a chord sound clear: we all tend to  press harder than needed. You may have too long of fingernails, which interferes with proper finger placement. You may also be  strumming softly and sort of timidly, but be proud and sort of loud!

Today we’ll review G, with Hokey Pokey, and likely learn G7 also, with the slap method.  We’ll try a couple of holiday songs: Jingle Bells (ignore the staff lines with numbers on ’em, we’ll just use the chords and words) and Frosty The Snowman.  We’ll get more familiar with the double strum, for all of these songs.

You have the chords now, to play some great songs, including Red River Valley, which we’ll do if time.   Remember as you work thru these chords and strum patterns, to accompany these songs, that not everyone is ready to sing and uke at the same time.  Concentrate on your uke, and the singing will come along later.