Newk Lesson #4, Dec 1, 2016

Material covered: Chords: C, C7, F, G7, G   Strums: single (down, down, down, down) double (down-up, down-up, down-up, down-up).

Last lesson, we reviewed economy of movement between chord changes: lifting fingers only as much as necessary to change shapes; noting similarities in chord shapes to see if any of the fingers can stay “anchored” (like the shift from G7 to F: the index finger stays “anchored”) We talked about how much pressure needs to be applied to get a true sound out of each string in a chord, versus hanging on for dear life!!

This lesson, we’ll review all the chords we’ve learned with the song Alberta. Please download.  Then, on to the G chord, with the slap method.  For the G chord and the G7 chord, your fingers form a triangle shape.  You know the G7 already; the point of the triangle is on top.  For the G, that point is on the bottom.  I’ll show you two ways to shape the G.  After class, i’ll send a video to give you further info on (to me) the “new” way to shape the G.

Bad Moon Rising: please download; we can practice the G chord in that song.    If time,  we’ll try Buffalo Gals and the touch-down strum.