Newk Lesson #4, Dec 6, 2018

Please continue practicing the Heart & Soul chord progression of C, Am, F, and G7. Recall:  transition C to Am is a hop; Am to F: middle finger stays anchored as you add your index finger to the E string first fret; F to G7: index finger stays anchored as you swing the middle and ring fingers in place to form the G7; G7 back to C  (which begins the progression again: slide the ring finger from the 2nd fret up to the 3rd fret.   Raise fingers minimally to change to the next chord, the less movement the smoother the chord change goes.

We’ll split the group, one half playing Heart & Soul while the other half sings.  (and we can throw in what we remember of 26 Miles Across the Sea, Silhouettes on the Shade ,Monster Mash, Blue Moon, You Send Me, and more more more!

Back to last week’s Santa Claus is Coming to Town:  let’s get that D chord down, using the slap method, then try the song again.  Remember D6 in Jambalaya? where the whole second fret was barred by laying down your middle finger? D has 3 strings covered, instead of 4.

And, back to Feliz Navidad, we’ll learn the G chord, instead of using G7 like we did last lesson.  (Yah, the slap method again.)  A way to think about G and G7, is that they both have triangle shapes, one pointing up and one pointing down.  That might help you with remembering the shape on your fretboard.

I’m including a video for you to watch before class on Dec 6 and it is homework. If you learn everything the nice British fellow says, you will not only review C, F, G7, Am, C7, but will also learn G, D, and Dm.  He teaches you 3 holiday tunes (I really can’t stand the first one, but still. It reviews your chords. What can I say.)  You will come to class so prepared.  We may have to learn more about strumming to use all the extra time we’ll have!! Your homework: