Newk Lesson #4, Dec 7, 2017

Chords intro’d so far: C, C7, F, G, G7, and a little Am.  Strum patterns: single(down, down, d, d) & double (down up, down up, d u, d u).  Chording hand: flat wrist, curled fingers, elbow about 8 inches away from side to help create that flat wrist.

We are moving along nicely, so it’s time to work on  the Chattanooga strum (aka Freight Train strum). It’s my overall favorite &  most used strum. I strum it without concentration; it just is there for me.  It will give you strumming variety and texture; otherwise, you are prone to “ax along” like you might have seen too much of in the jams (down down down down etcetera).

We’ll do some of last week’s songs, using this strum pattern.  It can be used with most of the jam songs, except waltz patterns and very slow songs.  So make certain to have Red River Valley, Jingle Bells ,Feliz Navidad     .

Let’s go back to Am.  We’ll do this chord sequence together:
C//// C//// Am//// //// F//// G7//// C//// C//// G7////   repeat a few times.

Please download Ben E. King’s Stand By Me, and CCR’s Bad Moon Rising, for Am practice.