Newk Lesson # 4, May 19, 2016

By Lesson 4’s end, you’ll have learned: Chords: Am, C, C7, D, F, G, G7. Strums: Single (D,D,D,D), Double(DU,DU,DU,DU) and briefly: Touch Down (TD,TD)

Reviewing Lesson 3: We learned G7. We practiced purposeful shifting between chords, for example the index finger being the “anchor” when moving between F and G7, the other finger/s shifting easily back and forth while that index stayed put.  We noticed how the ring finger “slides  ” on the A string from 3rd fret for the C chord, to 2nd fret for G7. We lift the fingers as little as necessary when changing chords.  Songs: we learned part of 96 Tears, Red River Valley (where some of you were trying out that Touch Down strum), and Bad Moon Rising. We messed around with the 12 bar blues.

Lesson 4:  Am & D will be introduced and used in a couple of songs.  Then, we’ll close our eyes and practice some muscle memory stuff, playing these chords over & over:    C////   C7////   F////  G7////   We’ll do another exercise to help us relax and feel familiar with changing chords, then learn a new song based on this exercise:

C////  Am////   C////  Am////  C////  F////   G7////   C////     then:  C// Am// C// Am// C// F// G7// C//

This exercise is preparation for playing Buttons and Bows. Let’s do it!

Download these songs: Cumberland Gap, Bad Moon Rising, Never Be Anyone Else But You, REMit: Buttons & Bows (find this under”REMit” in the archives, scroll thru to find Buttons & Bows.  Don’t know why, but they aren’t appearing in the archives alphabetically. . .)