Newk Lesson #4, May 25, 2017

What we’ve learned so far: hand and body position, single & double strum plus an intro to the Chattanooga (which really is just a variation on the double strum, and a really fantastic all-purpose strum, so much more interesting than down, down, down, down single strum.  We’ll drive that baby home!!) Chords: F, C, G, D, C7.

Today, let’s do a few exercises to review the chords we’ve learned; using a double strum:

D//// D//// F//// F//// C//// C//// D//// D////

(you will be surprised just what you have played, when we do this in class!)

Let’s be surprised again:

G//// G//// G//// G////     C7//// C7//// G//// G////      D//// C7//// G//// G////

What you just played is a simple variation on an old music form: which?

After the exercises, we’ll talk about economy of movement: just lifting the fingers enough to get the chord changed, and just applying enough pressure to make the sound true.  We’ll learn the A chord today, with the songs, Come Back Liza and Walkin’ In My Sleep, which both have  the A and D chords.  We’ll use the slap method.

Please practice the C, F, G, C7,  and D chords at home, until you can do them without looking at a diagram.  Let your hand’s muscle memory be the storage!  See if you can do some switching between chords without looking, especially F and C7, which is an easy change.  Try some other combos, too!