Newk Lesson #5, Dec 13,2018

These are the chords you’ve been intro’d to: A, Am, C, D, D6, F, G, G7; plus the single and double (or down/up) strum. In your download materials, the page with the numbered fingers on top, will make sure you are using the correct fingering.

HOMEWORK: play thru the above chords, 4  beats each, a few times: your goal is to do this without looking at a diagram. Then go to the next goal of playing those chords without looking at your uke. Practice the Heart & Soul chord progression, see if you can sing along with your playing. Play along with the video provided on the song file (same key: skip playing on the bridge because we haven’t learned all those chords).

To download for Thursday, Dec 13 (We’ll be in the little room)  Jingle Bells,  Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer, and A New Year’s Round.   The first two will be on the FUN Jam Dec 20 list.  I sure am glad to see the Newks attending jams and trying out the songs!  (Dec 20 FUN Jam list will be posted Thursday; you are all on the FUN email list for the link to download those songs.) “A New Year’s  Round” is a song we’ll sing first FUN Jam 2019, but thought I might intro it to you now, as a way to learn E7.  The other chords we’ll try this lesson are Dm and D7.

The Chattanooga strum pattern, which is directly based on the down/up strum, will be intro’d, too, and can be used with just about every song we’ve learned so far.  A very useful, fun strum!!