Newk Lesson #5, Dec 14, 2017

Chords introduced: Am, C, C7, F, G, G7  Strum Patterns: single, double, Chattanooga aka Freight Train.

Today we’ll do some exercises in changing chords with minimum effort. We started a little of this last week.  Stand By Me will illustrate “anchoring” the index finger when changing from F to G7, “sliding” when going from G7 to C.  Stand By Me  will also review all the chords we’ve learned, except C7.

The following  exercise  helps with anchoring, sliding & a third, hopping  (move fingers minimally, just get the job done):

C//// slide to: G7//// anchor index & swing to: F//// lift index for: Am//// hop middle finger          to G7//// slide to C////

(without word cues):   C////  G7////  F////  Am////  G7////  C////

On to learn the D chord, using the slap method and a little superglue. Huh??

With On Top of Old Smokey, we will as a group learn to “parse” a song: finding out what we need to know how to do to successfully play it.  Look for rhythm, new chords, chord changes needing study and brief practice; decide if you’d like to try playing the song without singing first, or singing it without playing, clapping the rhythm.  we can practice D chord

If time, we’ll also try These Boots Are Made For Walking.  and close with Feliz Navidad.