Newk Lesson #5, Dec 8, 2016

Folks were asking if uke lessons go every Thursday thru December, and the answer is yes!  The holidays nicely arranged themselves to be on the weekends!

Conclusion of Lesson 5: Chords: Am, C, C7,D, F, G, G7;   Key of C Basic chords:  C, F, G, G7, Am; Strums: single (D, D, D, D), double (DU, DU, DU, DU),  and Chattanooga (ChattaNOOga, ChattaNooga),

Last week we learned the G chord, and how it contrasted with the G7 chord by which way the point of the triangle faces (up for the G7, down for the G).  We talked about “parsing” a song, looking for chord changes that are unfamiliar and practicing those chords back and forth before trying the whole song (example, Bad Moon Rising: from C to G; or from G to F).

Lesson 5: we’ll talk about the videos I sent you on the “other” way to play the G chord, just so you know you have that option.  Then, we’ll move on to  a new chord: A minor (Am) which is a very easy one-finger chord.  We’ll learn You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere, pls download.
Then, we’ll use the slap method to learn D; I always tease about super-gluing fingers 1,2 & 3 together so you can squeeze them onto the fret for this chord!  After we have passed the bottle of glue around, we’ll try Bottle of Winea four-chord song(including D) that is very popular in the uke jam. Pls download it.   We’ll mess around with the Chattanooga strum: both You Ain’t Going Nowhere & Bottle of Wine are perfect songs for it. And, if time, we’ll try Frosty The Snowman, which has an Am, and a couple other minor chords that we’ll ignore for the present. So, pls download.