Newk Lesson #5, June 1st

What you’ve learned so far: Chords: A, F, C, C7, D, G.  (Today, we’ll add G7, & one form of D7). Strums: single, double, ChattaNOOga; rudiments of the 12-bar blues.   Reminder: keep chording wrist flat, fingers curled over chords (most of the time, including all the chords we’ve learned so far).

Last week was great fun with Reuben giving you some professional backup cajon!  For today’s class,  think of a blues song to go with our 12-bar blues exercise (such as Kansas City, Hound Dog)

After learning G7 today (which way does the triangle shape point?), plus the easy Hawaiian D7, we’ll use them in the 12-bar blues exercise:

G7////  ////  ////  ////        C7////  ////  G7////  ////         D7////  C7////  G7////   D7////*
(*the D7 above varies from last week’s exercise, which had G in this position.  This D7 is known as a “turn-around)

The next exercise will give you efficient ways to switch from G7 to C7,  and from F to G7 by hopping, anchoring, and swinging: keep these 3 words in mind for easier chord-changing technique down the road:

G7//// C7//// G7//// C7//// G7////        F//// G7//// F//// G7//// F////        F//// C7//// F//// C7//// F////

Another exercise:
F//// //// G7//// ////  C7//// ////  F//// ////  repeat a few times.  OK, time to learn a new song:
please download Four or Five Times

If time, let’s go back to last week’s song, Walkin’ In My Sleep, to work on the ChattaNOOga. And, if time, get going on the calypso strum with Come Back Liza.