Newk Lesson #6, Dec 15, 2016

Conclusion of Lesson 6: Chords: Am, C, C7, D, D7 (2 forms), F, G, G7.  Key of C: C, F, G, G7, Am
Strums: single, double, ChattaNOOga.

Last week, we learned Am and D, and introduced the ChattanNOOga strum pattern.

This week, we’ll concentrate on strums: the double and the Chattanooga (really just a double strum played twice, with emphasis on the second down strum).  We’ll go back over the D chord, and also learn D7, which can be shaped 2 different ways.  One is the Hawaiian D7, needing only 2 fingers to shape it.  The other is your first barred chord.

 Please have these songs:   Frosty the Snowman, Jingle Bells, You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere, and  Bottle of Wine.

I have FUN Jam this week, starts at 1:15.  The easiest songs are played first, so please come and join in!  There’s all abilities in this group, and something for everyone from beginner to intermediate; for songlist, go to FUN JAM, above, then click on Dec 15.