Newk Lesson #6, Dec 28, 2017

Chords Learned: A, Am, A7, C, C7, D, F, G, G7
Strum Patterns: Single, Double, Chattanooga
We’ll review these chords with 4  beats each single strum, 4 beats each double strum, and 8 beats each, Chattanooga strum.

Hope you are having wonderful winter holidays!  In January we’ll start the harder chords, and a few beefier strums and simple picking patterns, too.  But for now, we’ll continue with D7 using the slap method.  (We’ll briefly look at the open, or Hawaiian D7, which we don’t use much, but it’s easy. It isn’t even a true D7, it doesn’t even have a D note in it!) (It’s an F#dim)

To practice the D7, please download How Much is That Doggy In the Window, Memphis, and Cold, Cold Heart.

For fun, let’s do These Boots Are Made For Walking again!
And, download Bar-Bar-Bar-Barbara Ann, it’s another spiffy one!