Newk Lesson #6

Join in Dec 20 FUN Jam, 1:10: there’ll be songs that we’ve gone over in Newkulele at that jam; I think you know the chords to maybe half of the songs.  Look at the charts, see what you think: go back to the home page and click on Fun Jams, Dec 20.

We’ll start off with a review of chords: A, A7, Am, C, C7, D, Dm, D7, D6, F, G, G7, 4 strums each.  Then we’ll give E7 more “sink-in” time and do the slap method, then, give “A New Year’s Round” a go (It will be on the Jan 3 FUN Jam list).  We’ll go over a couple of the songs from jam today. Please download Kansas City, Up On The Roof, Twenty Six Miles Across the Sea.   We’ll work on the ChattaNOOga strum and the touchdown strum in the context of these songs, and review some chords.  Next week: beginning work on the harder chords: B7, Bb, Fm, F7, Gm, Em. Get those calluses ready!!