Newk Lesson #7, Dec. 22, 2016

Conclusion of Lesson 7: chords: A, A7, Am, C, C7, D, D7 (2 forms), F, G, G7.  Strums: single, double, ChattaNOOga. Key of C basic chords: C, F, G/G7, Am

Last week, the two forms of D7 were introduced: the Hawaiian and the bar, or barre, version.  We will mostly be using the barred form.  A video was sent you to practice getting your bar strong.  More barred chords will follow: Bm, B7, alternate forms for C7, etc.  AND, we worked a lot on the ChattaNOOga, which is such a valuable strum pattern, maybe the best one you can have in your tool belt!

This week we will learn the A chord, plus the A7.  You’ll see how A7, Am,  and  A are quite chummy.  Please download (if you haven’t already) Jingle Bells, Frosty the Snowman, Come Back Lisa, Take Me Home, San Juan Islands.