Newk Lesson # 7, Dec 27, 2018

Chords you’ve been intro’d to (and should practice at home ’til you are blue in the faceūü§™): A, A7, Am, C, C7, D, Dm, “phony D7 (H), D7, D6, ¬†E7, F, G, G7. ¬†and. . . a very well-used chord progression: C, Am, F, G7. ¬†Memorize that baby. ¬†Remember, strumming each chord twice: play C, hop over to Am, add your index finger to form F, anchor that index finger and swing over to G7, then slide your ring finger to C, and you are back at the beginning, for Heart & Soul and 26 Miles.

We’ll practice Kansas City to learn the “chunk”, and to practice D7, whose shape will also give you a new up-the-neck chord: G7.

Up On The Roof will use the C Am F G7 progression as a good part of its chords, and you will fly through that part, as your muscle memory develops. We’ll go over the ChattaNOOga with that song, didn’t get to it last week.

Download Oh My Darlin’ Clementine to help get E7 established, and to strum in a waltz pattern.

And, download They Call the Wind Mariah, we’ll perhaps have a little time to learn the Em chord in this song. ¬†Please notice that the C Am F G7 progression is found in this song too!