Newk Lesson #7, Jan 4, 2018

Chords learned: A, Am, A7, C, C7, D, D7, F, G, G7

Strum patterns: single, double, chattanooga.    Practice these chords & strums:
4 each single, 4 each double, 8 each Chattanooga (this strum is also called “freight train” or “shuffle” strum).

Last week, we learned D7, which has a  “moveable shape”.  (We learned that this shape, moved up to fret #7, becomes an “up-the-neck” way to play G7).

OK. The two chords we’ll learn today, Em and B7, have the same shape;( i call them the “twins”) and use the “hop” motion to go back & forth between the two.  They often are used together in a song, like Dona Dona (download).  The B7 has another way to be played, than what i’ll teach you today. (Refer to your uke chord chart for the other way).  Also download Sweet Betsy From Pike. It has Em sandwiched between D7 & G, so you will get a workout!  (and more D7 practice!)

And, let’s begin on a new strum pattern, the Calypso!   Please download Come Back Liza.