Newk Lesson #7, June 9, 2016

Chords intro’d, conclusion of Lesson 7: A, Am, Bb, C, C7, D, Dm, D7, F, G, G7.Strums: Single, Double, Chattanooga, & Touch-Down.  Basic chords in keys of C & F.

Review Lesson 6: we went over skills and advice from the 4 youtube videos I sent last week by Ukulele Mike, Brett McQueen, and Aaron Keim. Watch them every-so-once-in-a-while to hone your skills with barring ,wrist & finger position,  Bb,&  strengthening chord hand. We reviewed Bb; a reminder that this chord is challenging and will get better every week. Be patient.

Today, we’ll work on Chattanooga and Bad Moon Rising, and Dm with Don’t Worry, Be Happy.
Then, intro of D7: download Bottle of Wine and Cold, Cold Heart.  If time, we’ll intro A, with a 2 chord song, Come Back Liza.