Newk Lesson #8, Jan 3, 2019

Practice at home: A, A7, Am, C, C7, D, Dm, D7 hawaiian and D7 barred) D6, E7, F, G, G7.  Practice ’em with the ChattaNOOga strum (Chatta NOO ga Chatta NOO ga)

Remember: you have up-the-neck choices using  barred D7: that same shape used on the 4th fret is up-the-neck E7 (on the 5th fret it is an F7; haven’t learned the 1st position of F7 yet have we, though. . ). And the barred D7 shape on the 7th fret is another way to play G7.  Yesterday we took a look at sliding the D7 shape down to the first fret, to play Db7 (on Kansas City at the end).  Well, play C7 and think about it, in relation to barred D7. . . .hint: remember we learned that the “nut” at the top of the fretboard takes the place of you having to bar a finger there, ALL THE TIME!   (refer to the “NEWK MANUAL” first page).

Practice the C Am F G7 chord progression. Practice Heart & Soul, 26 Miles, Up On the Roof, They Call the Wind Mariah with that progression in mind.

We’ll slap the Em into our muscle memory, (the 3-finger version on your UKULELE CHORD CHART FOR ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS with the hand pictured page top).

We’ll add Em to They Call The Wind Mariah, (can’t wait to hear you sing that again!) and be mindful of the rhythm of the Chattanooga strum as we use that with Mariah.

One of my favorite songs since childhood, is Erie Canal.  I love songs that have a sweet, rhythmic way of remind us of our country’s past technologies, transport methods, etc and etc: plus, if Bruce Springsteen has a version of an old Tin Pan Alley song: well, I’m on board!  Download it to use Em in this 3 chord song.

Download Chains, to get some more E7 practice in, and chunking, too!  Also, we’ll see the wisdom behind learning an up the neck chord (also called Position 2), switching from E7 to D7. . .Huh?  To be shown. . .

Two songs that will get us easily flipping from Em to B7,if we have time: Christmas in Killarney (yah, i know, xmas has done gone, but you will be sooo ready for the 2019 December jam!!!) and Donna Donna.  Em and B7 are twins. So there.