Newk Lesson #9, Jan 10 ’19

Practice at home: A, E7, A7 , E7, Am, E7, C, E7, C7, E7, D, E7, D7 (Hawaiian and barred), Dm, E7, D6, E7, Em, E7, F, E7, G, E7, G7, E7. (Yep, let’s really learn that E7!  Use the ChattaNOOga strum pattern.
Let’s begin with a review of these chords, 4 strums each.
We’ll dive into learning the F7 chord, which has a relationship with E7.  Remember last lesson we talked about D7 being a barred chord: two frets down, the C7 actually has the same shape, but the “nut” does the barring for you?  Well, F7 and E7 have that same relationship.  I’ll explain in class, it might help you to learn the F7 shape.   Definitely we’ll use the slap method on this one.  Elvis’ Hound Dog will get this song into our heads and fingers: pls download.

Back to Em, this time with Donna Donna, which you copied last week. This is a very new chord to us, but the good news is, it has a twin, B7.  Donna Donna uses them both.  The B7 pictured  on that song is one way to play it, and you’ll want to learn it too, but most of the time, the B7 i will show you makes it easier, as it is almost always coupled with Em.  Let’s learn ’em both.

If we have time, we’ll go back to Chains and chunking.  And i’ll reiterate about the 2nd position E7 (D7 shape on the 4th fret) which is a decent alternative because you are already using the D7.
And it is more chunkable than the first position E7. Don’t worry– all will be made clear!