Newk Lesson #9, Jan 5, 2017

Conclusion of #9: Chords intro’d: A, A7, Am, Bb, B7, C, C7, D, D7 (2 forms) Em, F, G, G7.   Basic Chords in two keys:  C (C, F, G/G7, Am) and G (G, C, D/D7, Em).  Strums: single (D,D,D,D) double (DU,DU,DU,DU) and Chattanooga (ChattaNOOga, ChattaNOOga).

Last week, Eminor (Em) and B7 were introduced, the “twins”.  They have the same shape: stair-steps down 3 frets; we experimented playing them with eyes closed to strengthen our hand’s muscle memory. They’re the first of the 3-fret chords you’ll be learning.

Let’s start off this week’s lesson strumming the intro’d chords above 8 times, double strum;  then this exercise:

Key of C: strum each chord 4 times unless shown otherwise:
C  F  C  G7  C  F  C//  G7//  C/       Am  F  Am  G7  Am  F  Am//  G7//  C/

same, Key of G:
G  D7  C  D7 G  C   G//  D7//  G/         Em D C  Em  Em  D C G/

Let’s use Sea of Love to review B7 (the shape I taught, or you can use the one on the chart) & The Erie Canal to review Em.

Bb!  Be patient with yourself learning this one.  I’ll show you two ways to shape it; sometimes one is more useful than the other.  You will be better at this chord in a month or two than you are today, and REALLY REALLY better at it in one year’s time.  Practice, practice, practice. Stretch often if you feel like your fingers are cramping up.  Download The Great Pretender and I Still Miss Someone to learn this chord.