Newk Lesson #9, June 23, 2016

After Lesson 9, you’ll have these chords: A, A7, Am, Bb, B7 (2 forms), C, C7, D, Dm, D7 (2 forms)
Em, F, G, G7.  You now have the basic chords in 3 different keys:   key of C (C, F, G/G7, Am) key of  F (F, Bb, C/C7, Dm) and key of G (G, C, D, D7, Em) AND strums: single, double, touch down, Chattanooga, and the first feel for the calypso.  Woo Hoo!!!

This lesson we’ll review the calypso rhythm and the Chattanooga,(so bring Come Back Liza and Red River Valley again).  The Em and B7 chords (twin chords, at least the way I teach them: a slight jump of your fingers and you have them both! )will be introduced.  Piece of cake after your intro to Bb!!.  The song that i swear was written just for teaching these chords, is Donna Donna, or Dona Dona, however it is spelled. Please download that, plus Buffy St Marie’s  Piney Wood Hills, Sea of Love, and 96 Tears.