Newk Lesson, Feb 7 #13, Page 2 of 2

OK, so you’ve spent lots of your week practicing Bb; know you’ll get it eventually!  Some of you have nimble-enough hands to wonder what all the fuss is about: you are lucky!  Nevertheless, the goal for all of us is to get that chord onto the fretboard all 3 fingers at once, as a unit, and not separate placement. Use the slap method to help that goal along.

in class, we’ll practice switching from Bb to Gm7, and playing D on the fifth fret using the Bb shape, working our way down to the first fret where it become Bb again. That will give good strengthening for all your bar chords.  The Lion Sleeps Tonight will be a good song to practice the Bb.

Inside/Outside plucking gives you an introduction to plucking instead of strumming.  It is pretty to have some folks pluck, and some strum, for lovely variety in the jams. Please download Red River Valley to be intro’d to this lesson.    If time, we’ll do some of the patterns needed for House of the Rising Sun,Ukestrated. Pls download the 2 pages of that music file. You may already have them from the Jan 31 FUN Jam.