Newk Lesson #2, May 11, 2017

Well, now you know how to use a tuner, although it might be frustrating at first!  Also, you now know these two chords:  F, C.  And the single strum.  Yay!

This 2nd class, we’ll review the single strum with Buffalo Gals, F and C chords.  The download: UKE CHORD CHART FOR ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS, with the hand with numbered fingers, will help:  Find the F and C chords on there. Notice the little circles with numbers on them; they represent which of your left-hand fingers to use to create the chord.

Then, we’ll  try Deep In The Heart of Texas, with the same F and C chords.  We’ll do it singing  & clapping first, then sing with deadened strings, then with the actual chords  : I’ll sing while you accompany me.  Then, we’ll do singing together with chords.  If time, we’ll go on to the double strum.  Download, besides Buffalo Gals and Deep In the Heart Of Texas from last week, Hokey Pokey. Yes, THAT Hokey Pokey!!   It will teach us the G chord, and more work on the double strum.