Newkulele Lesson #10 Dec 17, 2015

Concluding #10, these chords will have been introduced: Am, Bb, B7, C, C7, D, D7 (Hawaiian & barred), Dm, Em, E7, F, F7, G, Gm, G7. Basic chords in keys of F, C, and G. Strums: single, double, Chattanooga, Touch-Down.

Last week, we learned the 2 beat Touch-Down Strum with the song, Jingle Bells (Smartly tap or TOUCH the top string; don’t worry if the second string gets a little action too; then strum DOWN.
Touch-Down Touch-Down Touch-Down: 1,2,1,2,1,2,      We also introduced E7, with Istanbul.

This week, we’ll warm up with Deck The Halls but review the chord changes first: F to Dm, Dm to G7 using the index finger as an anchor, and the fast change from C7 to F that comes up lots in this song.

Using the F chord shape as a base, we’ll add two more fingers to turn it into the F7, what a great chord that is!  We’ll remind ourselves that this is a “closed” chord, and review why we want to get good and comfortable with closed chords.  Then, we’ll use it in I Like It Like That. When you download that song, you’ll notice it has two keys it can be played in. Key of F is black and listed first, Key of Bb is blue and is second.  We’ll use Key of Bb, so the Bb and F chords in blue.

If time, we’ll learn Gm  with the song Marianne. So, three songs to download, two new chords.
No class on Dec 24th, but yes, come to the jam at 1:15.  And please come on over to the Brown Lantern for a libation afterwards.