Newkulele Lesson #17, July 30, 2015

Last week, we worked on “Here, There, & Everywhere”. We learned that using different fingers to create the chord shapes sometimes made the shift from one chord to another a bit easier (example: Am to Bm using the ring finger to play Am, then sliding it up the G string for its part in Bm).

We studied  the diminished chords, the different ways they might be labeled in song charts, how one can shape them by either barring or using 4 fingers.  “Red, Red Robin” and “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” gave us some practice with these chords.

This week,  Charley Drake and I will show you a jazz/blues version of “Kansas City” that we learned at Bellingham Ukulele Group (BUG)’s Silver Lake Ukulele Camp this weekend at Silver Lake, and try to entice you to join in the fun at next year’s camp!

 We’ll review the diminished chords with “RRRobin”, then on to “Sidewalks of New York”. We’ll also review “Here, There, & Everywhere”;  ( I found another way to shift from Am to Bm: Kelsos, did you already discover this one??)

Any time left over, we’ll work on songs from the July 30 Jam.

See you Thursday at 2:45!        Linda