Newk Lesson # 17, Feb 18, 2016

Review all the chords you can think of without a list! Start with the A chords and go thru the G chords.  Review the Freight Train Strum, and the inside/outside pluck pattern.

Last week, we worked on the diminished chords, how the same chord repeats every 3 frets up the neck.  We used G dim.  AND we worked on the third lesson in developing a reggae strum, you all did amazingly, thought I!  Briefly, we tried a new chord, the Gm7, which is Bb without the ring finger.

This week, please download a new version of Three Little Birds; Reggae Exercise, that has all 3 reggae strum patterns dissected & laid out.  I changed one a tad to make it more contiguous with the others. We’ll try that harder strum pattern again, to perfect our “chunk”. We’ll continue along with the diminished chords, so make certain and have all the same songs we printed for last week.  Go to the Newk Lesson #16 for that list if you don’t already have it printed.  Also, print  Summer In The City, so we can work on Gm7.

Good going, all!