Newkulele Lesson #18, August 6, 2015

Last Week, we got a taste of Jazz/blues chords, with interesting names like C13 and F9, when Charley Drake demonstrated a classy version of Kansas City that he, Linda, and others were taught at the BUG campout.  The class was very interested to learn more of that song, the new chord shapes, and  skills of sliding closed chords up the neck (remember: “up” means going higher in sound, which is physically “down” toward the body of your uke. Oh well.) Either next week or the week after, we will work more on that song. We reviewed the diminished chords in a  couple of songs, & reviewed “Here, There, & Everywhere”. 

This week, we’ll return to the Keim Handbook, do some more work with the “Keep It Simple Blues”(p.28), then review some strum and plucking patterns: the Chattanooga strum on p. 37, with Drunken Sailor,( p. 25); and Keim’s 60’s Strum pattern (p.37) with a new song for you:             “I-Only-Want-To-Be-With-You-8-01-15“.
I have a booklet of songs we will share (I’ll bring copies with me) and review the above strum patterns, a couple of plucking patterns, and some chunking.  See you Thursday!    Linda