Newkulele Lesson #2, Oct 8, 2015

Chords introduced, conclusion of Lesson #2: C, C7, F, G.  Strum introduced: Single & Double Strum

The first class had 26 Newkuleleists; 5 more expected this Oct 8th! We went over the parts of the uke, especially the tuning pegs and saddle, which are areas that sometimes need work or adjustment.  We tuned our instruments, and will have them all tuned up at the beginning of class Oct 8th. We studied wrist position and thumb placement, and finger placement on the frets, to get a true sound on each string, without interference from a finger pad on the neighboring string. We strummed the single strum, “Down, down, down, down” in 4/4 time, and played Buffalo Gals from the Keims’ Uke Handbook.

Lesson 2 , we’ll begin with a review of F and C chords, listen to make certain each string is sounding true, and play “Buffalo Gals”.  We’ll learn the C7 chord, and play Yellow Rose of Texas, which you download from the Music Archive.  We’ll also play “I Like It Like That“; please download from the Music Archives.  With that song, we’ll learn the Double Strum. Some of you will be able to play and sing at the same time. Others, can choose to sing, or to play, then switch the second time.

We’ll add the G chord today, using the SLAP Method (G for 8 strums; then SLAP, 7 strums; 2 SLAPS, 6 strums; 3 SLAPS, 5 strums; 4 SLAPS, 4 strums; 5 SLAPS, 3 strums, 6 SLAPS, 2 strums, 7 SLAPS, 1 strum. (This is an exercise in muscle memory, not self-punishment!)

Shady Grove”,  with C, F, and G chords, will be our goal for the day, so please download (Music Archives).

See you Thursday!
(By the way, when you sang Buffalo Gals, you sang with gusto!; I  see this as the hallmark of this October class!  You already have lots to bring to the Thursday jam, and I sure hope you come at 1:15 to the FUN Jam this Thursday Oct 8th,  my turn to lead.  Sing your hearts out, and play, make mistakes, just play loud, sing loud, it’ll get better as time goes on!  Take a look at the Oct 8th jam on the website to download the songs for that day; most of learning uke is just showing up with your uke at as many events as you can squeeze in, and giving it your best!)

Linda (call or email if questions, yah?  293- -0239,