Newkulele Lesson #20, August 20, 2015

Last week,  we worked on two challenging  chord shapes that stymied us at the beginning of the hour, but left most of us happily wrung out at the end of the lesson!  You have successfully entered the world of chunking barred jazz/blues chords, via “Kansas City”! Now you can amaze your neighbors, spouse, grandchildren, and dog!! You already amazed me.

This week, we will try “Kansas” again; if you get a chance to practice at home, it can only help! Try those “walk-downs” additionally.  Remember, don’t get hung up on remembering the names of these chords: more to the point is remember the shapes, and which fret to use those shapes in as the song progresses.

We have 3 classes left.(August 20, 27, and Sept 4)   Please pick a song you want to learn more about, from the music archives.  It can be that you want more help with the chords, the rhythm, singing and playing at the same time, a useful strum pattern for that song; I will randomly choose one of you, and fit in as many as we have time for these last 3 lessons. Pick one that is difficult for you, not one you can breeze through.  Please use any of the songs from the Music Archives on the Home Page.  We will take turns counting the group in, too.  A-One, a-Two, A One-Two-Three!!