Newkulele Lesson #3, Oct. 22, 2015

Chords introduced, conclusion of Lesson 3:  C, C7, F, G, G7.  Strum introduced: Single &  Double Strum

Reviewing Lesson 2:  We double-checked thumb placement, & straight wrists; and checked that our curved fingers, when forming the chords, were close to the fret below without being on top of it, for mechanical advantage.  The elbow position on the chording hand was noted: moving it away from your body results in a straighter wrist. We learned C7 and G, and the double strum, with an introduction to the Freight Train, aka Chattanooga, strum pattern. Everyone did super on singing and/or playing Buffalo Gals, Yellow Rose of Texas,  I Like It Like That, and Shady Grove.  And, always you were willing to show your stuff! Loud!  “Correctly” comes down the road, but honestly, this group sounds great, the joy in numbers! 

 may or may not take the following week  off,  Oct 29th.   Depends on whether or not I get my puppy!  I am hoping I do!!  Woody!

Lesson 3, we’ll review C, C7, F, and G, and the double strum, by playing on page 9, Will The Circle Be Unbroken, in the Uke Handbook.  Back on page 6,  we’ll get a brief intro to to tablature, and   hopefully, Gary will be there to play Snowdrop, a beautiful tablature piece developed by Aaron Keim. Then you will know why  tablature  is being introduced; some of you may find it a path you want to go down as you get more comfortable with your own style and interests. The 12 bar blues progression, page 8, will move those chords you’ve already learned, C,F, and G, into some pretty cool stuff, like Kansas City, Be Bop a Lula, Hound Dog, Chains of Love (Won’t Let Me Be), Can’t Buy Me Love, In The Summertime, Route 66.  We’ll introduce G7 to “blues” up the 12 bar a little, and use C7 for the same reason.  We’ll introduce some closed chords to show how it changes the sound of the blues, some of which you will learn later on.  To practice some of our chords, please download “Bad Moon Rising” and “Red River Valley” from the Music Archives and have them with you for class.