Newkulele Lesson #4, Oct. 29th, 2015

Chords introduced, conclusion of Lesson 4: Am, C, C7, F, G, G7. Strums: Single: (D  D  D  D) Double: (D,U D,U D,U D,U)

Last lesson, we talked about thumb position.  I tend toward keeping my thumb behind  the uke neck; although other players espouse  cradling the uke between thumb and forefinger.  Each camp seems to think that is the correct thing to do.  The smart money seems to be on less stress on wrists and fingers with the thumb behind the neck. and a straight wrist.  We talked also about keeping the minimum pressure needed of fingers making chord shapes  to get a nice tone, relaxing as much as possible to play without tiring the arm, fingers, wrist, etc. Gary introduced us to tablature with Snowdrop, and we retaliated with Mary Had A Little Lamb and Ode to Joy. Remember, the numbers refer to which fret a note is played on, and that “zero” means play “open string”.  We briefly learned Am, and did some 12 bar blues.

We’ll start today playing Red River Valley, which you downloaded from the music archives for Lesson #3. It has C & C7, and G & G7. We’ll review the shapes of the latter two: remember, one is an upward-pointing triangle and one is downward-pointing triangle.  We’ll do some practice shifting between chords in that song,1)C to G7   2)C to C7  3)C7 to F 4) F to C, with this exercise:

C //// G7//// C//// G7////  C/// G7///  C/// G7/// C// G7// C/ G7/  C/ G7/ C/ G7/  then, with eyes closed!  We’ll do that with each of the chord shifts listed above.

Back to Am, which you learned briefly Lesson 3.  Le’ts do the slap method with it, then these exercises:      Pattern 1:  C////   Am////   C////   Am////   F////   G////   C////   C////
Pattern 2:  C////   G////   Am////   Am////   F////    G////   C////   C////
Pattern 3:  C//    Am//    C//    Am//    F//    G//    C//    C//

Let’s try Stand By Me.  If time, we’ll also do You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere. (Both in Music Archives) Email me for questions or help:           LInda