Newkulele Lesson #5, Nov. 5, 2015

Chords introduced, conclusion of Lesson 5:    Am, Bb, C, C7, F, G, G7 (by the way, you’ve learned all the basic chords for the key of C:   C, F, G & G7, & Am.  Strums: Single & Double

Last lesson, we used some exercises to shift from one chord to another.  They involved seeing what commonalities existed between 2 chords so that some fingers could stay where they already were, or could “hop” easily from one string to another, or could just lay back on another string, like when you shift from F to C7, you just let your pointer finger lean from the E string to the A string, as you are already in fret #1 for part of F, and all of C7! We learned Am.

Today we’ll start with Deep In The Heart of Texas, in F and C, to warm up. Then we’ll go to the
Uke Handbook, pgs 14,15,16, and re-look at tablature. Aura Lee on pg 16 has the Bb chord. After we are done with the tablature for it, Bb will be introduced, oh boy! This is a step up in the major leagues! SLAP method, then a couple of songs to start you on your Bb game.  So, besides Deep in the Heart, please download I Like It Like That, and Home Grown Tomatoes.