Newkulele Lesson #6, Nov. 12, 2015

Chords introduced, conclusion of Lesson 6: Am, Bb, C, C7, F, Dm, G, G7 (now you have learned all the basic chords for the key of F:  F, Bb, C& C7, and Dm, in addition to all the basic key of C chords). Strums: single, double, Chattanooga (aka “Freight Train”)

Last lesson, we went further into tablature, and the class did very well not only with the tablature exercise, but with playing accompanying chords! We learned 2 ways to shape the Bb chord. We briefly looked at the A chord.

This lesson, we’ll start out with a warm-up exercise to work on shifting from F to Bb to C to F:

F//// ////   Bb//// ////   C7//// ////   F//// ////    repeat over and over and over, etc. . . . .

Then, we can play “Homegrown Tomatoes”. Note that it has a C, but we’ll use a C7, to make the transition from Bb to C7 which is easier than going from Bb to C. Of course, if you can use C easily, stick with that.

Time for introducing a new strum pattern: the Chattanooga. We’ll go back to page 4 in the Uke Handbook, to use this strum with Buffalo Girls. I think Aaron is going to teach this strum, and variations on it, at the 3 pm workshop tomorrow afternoon.  It is the strum pattern i use more than any other.   If time, we’ll try the Chattanooga with You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere, so make sure you have that song too.