Newkulele Lesson #7, Nov 19, 2015

At the conclusion of #7, you’ve been introduced to:    Chords: Am, Bb, C, C7, D, D7, Dm, F, G, G7.   Basic chords in the Keys of: F and C.  Strums: single, double, Chattanooga.

(Key of F: I inadvertently put “Am” instead of “Dm” in the basic chords for F. That posting has been fixed. Silly, as I taught Dm last week so you would have all the basic Key of F chords. Ah, well.)

Last week, we concentrated on shifting between chords using the least amount of effort. Lots of practice time on your own is the best way to get facile with this skill.  You got a headstart on Aaron’s Chattanooga strum, which he went over in much greater detail at his workshop Friday.  I believe I saw 12 of you at that workshop, and even more at the concert. That is so good to develop your skills, the more concerts and workshops, the more you will love what you are learning!!  Dm chord was presented, and we did some of Silhouettes using that chord.

This week, we will learn D, and D7, using the Slap method. Some practice with D on p. 19 in the Uke Handbook in Down By The Riverside. Pps.  21 and 22 were part of Aaron’s workshop yesterday, with his introduction to tablature. Lets give Down in The Valley a go; it is on  p.22 and will introduce you to chord melody, where you are doing both the melody and the chords together, OOooooh!

If time, we’ll do some Silhouettes for further practice with Bb and Dm; also have on hand This Land Is Your Land  for some Chattanooga strum practice.