Newkulele Lesson #9, Dec 10, 2015

At the conclusion of #9, these chords will have been introduced: Am, Bb, B7, C, C7, D, D7, Dm, Em, E7, F, G, G7. Basic chords in key of F (F, Bb, C/C7, Dm) key of C (C, F, G/G7, Am) key of G (G,C, D, D7, Em).   Strums: single, double, Chattanooga, & Touch-Down.

Last week,we learned B7 &  Em, the “twins”: same shape, same frets, different strings.  I teach them together because they almost always are found together in songs. We learned that though there are more difficult ways to play them,  the 3-finger shape  for each is practical in most songs.

This week, we’ll review B7 & Em, with this exercise, then review Donna Donna.

Em //// B7//// Em//// B7//// Em//// Am//// B7//// Em////
D////  Em////  D////  G////  D////  Em////  D////  G////

Time for a new strum pattern; Touch-Down, with Jingle Bells. The name will make sense when i show it to you, I might have briefly shown it before.

And, a new chord: E7 Yup, the slap method; then we’ll use it in Istanbul, Not Constantinople.