Newkulele Lessons Begin Nov 9

Contact Linda at if you would like to join this 20-week series. This free class meets every Thursday, 2:45-3:45,  at the Anacortes Senior Center. A donation of $5 per week to the Anacortes Senior Center is very welcomed.  I’ve enjoyed being a volunteer ukulele teacher since January 2013; it gives me happiness to help get others going on this lovely, portable, sweet instrument.

You’ll need uke, tuner, music stand, binder, & access to computer for downloading info & weekly lessons. No prior ability with music  is necessary.  I  fill in occasionally  with useful bits of music theory, which can lead many to curiosity about learning more.   If you do have music background, there may be times where I’d love for you to share your knowledge!

I offer you basic chords, strum & plucking patterns, “playing nicely with others”, songs from folk to pop to rock n’ roll.  I encourage you to join in the Thursday jams as part of your learning process, from the get-go. I’ll help you with ideas to continue after this class is done. We have lots of fun, laughter, & brain stimulation!  Join us!