APR 11 ’19 FUN JAM

After you enter, please sit with the others that will  play the same part for House of the Rising Sun.  Refer to page 1 of H of RS to remind yourself which part you want. Closest to the piano, all the #4 folks. Next, all the #3 folks. Then, #2 folks. Then, #1 folks. Furthest away from the piano (near the room divider) #5, the melody folks.  Thanks!

PRESENTATION ORDER check the song file to see if you have the latest date.
1. Oh My Darlin’ Clementine G warmup
2. On Top of Old Smokey G warmup
3. MTA G
4. North to Alaska G
5. Wanted Man G
6. 3 Little Birds G
7. Happy Trails To You B
9. MY Dog Loves Your Dog B   repeat from last jam
10. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? B
11. Route 66 B
12. House of the Rising Sun R
13. Son of a Son of a Sailor B
14. Sweet Betsy From Pike B
15. Down In The Valley B
16. Side by Side R edited 4/4/19, pls reprint
17. When The RRR Comes BBB Along R
18. Moon Dance R
19. Ukulele Lady R repeat from last jam
20. Tiptoe Thru the Tulips R edited, 4/4/19, pls reprint
21. Wagon Wheel G

Down In The Valley
Happy Trails To You
House of The Rising Sun
Loch Lomond
Moon Dance
My Dog Loves Your Dog
North To Alaska
Oh My Darlin’ Clem
On Top of Old Smokey
Route 66
Side By Side edited 4/4/19, pls reprint
Son of A Son of A Sailor
Sweet Betsy From Pike
Tiptoe Thru The Tulips  edited 4/4/19, pls reprint
Three Little Birds
Ukulele Lady
Wagon Wheel
Wanted Man
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
When The RRR Comes BBB Along