Aug 16, 2018 FUN Jam

Wow! No new songs!  The singing our group did last FUN Jam was so beautiful, lots of harmony, feeling, beltin’ it out, too, especially the South American birdcalls for the African song!! Whatever!  Tickets are a’selling for Stu Fuchs concert & workshop:  Stu is offering the concert to you for only $5 if you are already paying for the workshop.  This workshop is going to be a treat, as is the concert.  Tell your friends, neighbors, family, the checkers at Safeway, etc.
Aunt Rhody warmup G
Ballad of Davy Crockett B
Can’t Buy Me Love O
Cheeseburger in Paradise B
Four or Five Times G
Frim Fram Sauce O
Great Pretender, The B
Groovin’ 2/3 B
Happy Trails B
I Fall to Pieces B
I’ll Follow The Sun B
Istanbul G
Lavender’s Blue B
Moon Glow O
Oh My Darlin’ Clem  G
Quando, Quando O
Route 66 B
That’s Alright Mama 3/3 G
Unicorn, The G
You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere G
Wild Mt Thyme 2/3 G

Presentation Order, Aug 16 2018
1. Aunt Rhody warmup
2. Oh My Darlin’ Clem warmup
3. Unicorn, The warmup
4. Istanbul
5. You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere
6. Wild Mt Thyme 2/3
7. Four or Five Thymes (kidding. . .)
8. That’s Alright Mama 3/3
9.  Ballad of Davy C.
10. Route 66
11. Lavender’s Blue
12. Groovin’ 2/3
13. Cheeseburger in Paradise
14. I’ll Follow The Sun (Practice that melody line!)
15. Great Pretender, The
16. I Fall To Pieces
17. Frim Fram Sauce
18. Moon Glow
19. Quando Quando
20. Can’t Buy Me Love
21. Happy Trails