Dec 19 ’19 FUN Jam

Each day is full of gifts galore, both received and given.  The new song, Simple Gifts, is a beautiful, sweet, and easy reminder of that.  Many of you are going to be able to pick up on the tabs, practice ’em before jam and see if it is kinda easy-ish! Lollipop, an oldie, is NEW too, as is Holly Jolly Christmas from the Seattle Ukulele Players Association.

In order of Presentation
1.Santa Claus Is Coming to Town G
2.De Colores G
3.Run Around Sue G 2/3 i meant to edit the 2nd page, i did not.  I’m sorry if you copied over that 2nd page as i’d written here earlier.
4.Lollipop  G NEW
5.Rudolph B
6.Feliz Navidad B
7.Blue Christmas B  2/2
8.Let It Snow B
9.Christmas Island B 11/27/19 edited pls copy
10.Christmas In Killarney B
11.Pachelbel B Edited, pls copy
12.Holly Jolly Christmas R (taken from SUPA’s Xmas book) NEW
13.Please Come Home For Christmas R 2/2
14.Water Is Wide, The R

15.Simple Gifts   G/R 1/4 NEW
16.Winter Wonderland R
17.Frosty The Snowman B

Alphabetical, Downloadable
Blue Christmas
Christmas in Killarney
Christmas Island Edited, pls copy
De Colores
Feliz Navidad
Frosty The Snowman
Holly Jolly Christmas New
Let It Snow
Pachelbel Edited, please copy
Please Come Home For Christmas
Run Around Sue I had earlier said to copy the 2nd page which had been edited.  I didn’t edit it, so never mind, eh?
Santa Claus is Coming To Town
Simple Gifts  NEW
Water Is Wide, The
Winter Wonderland