Feb 28, 2019 FUN Jam

Last jam we went over House of The Rising Sun: Riff #1: arpeggiated strum pattern and Riff #2: simple tabs.  We’ll add a couple more parts to House of the Rising Sun today: #3 basic strum pattern and #4: the very basic single strum for beginners. I’ve added 5 audio clips for each of the 5 parts to the music file, for you to listen to & practice.  We’ll add #5, the melody tab, next jam.  Some edits to recopy, and a new/very old song exhorting the country life, to learn for our St Paddy’s Jam next month.   Enjoy!

Feb 28 PRESENTATION ORDER (Green easiest, blue medium red challenging)
1.Iko Iko warmup
4.You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere
5.’Til I Kissed Ya
6. I Still Miss Someone edited 2/6/19, pls copy
. I Like To Rise  NEW 1/3 x 2
8.Cupid 3/3  (reminder: some edits 2/1/19)
9.Sweet Georgia Brown
10.Wayward Wind, The

11.Silhouettes On The Shade
12.I Fall To Pieces
13.Singin’ the Blues 2/4
14.Red Sails In The Sunset 
15.House of the Rising Sun Ukestrated New mat’l: audio clips for each part
16.Water Is Wide, The 3/4
17.Five Feet High & Risin’ 
18.Only You  Edited 2/6/19, pls copy
19.Washington, Washington
 Edited 2/6/19, pls copy
20. That’s Amore 2/3

Cupid reminder:2/1/19 small edits
Five Feet High & Risin
House of the Rising Sun Ukestrated  New mat’l: audio clips for each part
I Fall To Pieces
Iko Iko
I Like To Rise NEW
I Still Miss Someone edited 2/6/19, pls copy
Only You edited 2/6/19; pls copy
Red Sails in the Sunset
Singin’ The Blues
Sweet Georgia Brown
That’s Amore
‘Til I Kissed Ya
Washington, Washington edited 2/6/19, pls copy
Water Is Wide, The
Wayward Wind, The
You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere