Fidalgo Ukulele Network Jam-September 10, 2015

There are some new songs: “Oh My Darling Clementine”, a very easy 2-chord warm-up song;  Tom Paxton’s “Bottle of Wine” and Hank William’s “Cold, Cold, Heart”, both with simple chords; and “How High The Moon”, which could be a challenge if you aren’t familiar with Gm7 and Bm.  Print each song, then study it while listening to the audio file, then, play along with it as well as you can.  (That’s what i do too, only I listen to a variety of versions to settle on the one for jam. These are learning and stretching exercises for me as well as you, by golly!!  The songlist:

Blues Stay Away From Me (don’t need the 12-bar exercise version)
Bottle of Wine
Cold Cold Heart
Comes A Time
Crocodile Rock
Cumberland Gap
Down On The Corner
Early Morning Rain
Friend of The Devil
How High The Moon
I Only Want To Be With You (please reprint, major edit)
Mister Sandman
Oh My Darling Clementine
Ukulele Swing
Washington, Washington