FUN Jam, April 28, 2016

The April 28 jam is a rehearsal for Richard’s Memorial, which will feature some songs from us on May 1st and starts at noon at Seafarer Park:  A reminder to bring delectable treats to share: Monique, the organizer, believes alcohol will be allowed too.

Dear all, these song charts are in order of presentation.  We’ll play for 45 minutes as a group.   You’ll need the songs, your uke and music stand, if you’d like to join the uke part of the ceremony. The ones selected are old favorites, and most of us know ’em well! Guests from other uke communities will be with us too, so share your stand and music with others who were impacted by Richard’s love of music and uke! One of the ukesters wondered  about all of us wearing Hawaiian shirts, YES!! LET”S!!  You don’t have to if you don’t want to!!

These are in order of presentation, not alphabetical. Look at them and see which ones you would like to skip for the 45 minute program, which is about time for 15 songs.. (Bring all this list with you though, to the memorial, just in case more are needed for casual playing after the 45 minutes) These are up-to-date, downloaded into FUN’s Music Archives from Richard’s A-List:

1.Music, Music, Music — Richard was the Music Man!
2.Hey, Good Lookin‘ and . . .
3.Everyday –These last two songs were favorites of Richard and good buddy David Smock.
4.Blue Moon Medley–Did this medley appear frequently in the weekly jams?? Yes, it did!
5.Locomotion–Richard had this song in the jams all the time too, a runner-up to BMoon Medley!
6.I’d Like to Teach The World to Sing–again, Mr. Mitlyng was teaching music long before the jams at the Senior Center, with his students at Mt. Erie Elementary. Someday you former students of Richard’s will be joining the senior center uke jams and singing the same songs you did with him!
7.Sandwiches–here’s one you former elementary school students of Richard‘s can sing along with!
8.Under The Boardwalk–often appearing on the playlist in the sunny months of the year.
9.Rocky Top–A mixture of song forms, from this bluegrass number, (very) early Rock & Roll, Pop, movie themes, calypso, folk, and standards: Richard served up a mixed plate week after week for all to learn and enjoy!
10.Rockin’ Robin–Richard’s successful attempt at singing falsetto: “Tweedily Deedily Deet”!
11.Back In Seattle— Richard borrowed this from his Seattle buddies, SUPA, the Seattle Ukulele Players Association.
12.That’s Amore–Listen to Richard singing with BUG, Bellingham Ukulele Group, whose version was included in the audio file.
13.Never On A Sunday–but always on a Thursday, the SUE Jams kept doctors offices and beauty salons empty on Thursdays as all made their way to their favorite Thursday activity at the Senior Center!
14.Crawdad–This version was created for Richard by Lil’ Rev, a big name in Ukulele and a dear friend of Richard’s from Wisconsin.
15.Palisade Park
16.Side By Side
17.Da Do Ron Ron
18.Detour–These last 4 songs appeared on the playlist a LOT in earlier jams!
19.Sweet Pea–a 2006 song by Amos Lee, was a rare addition to the playlist: it was not from “way back” in popular song history. Most of Richard’s choices seldom leaked even into the 1950’s and 60’s. He loved that song!
20. On The Sunny Side of the Street–balanced out some of Richard’s darker choices, like:
21. You’ve Got to Walk That Lonesome Valley
22.Keep On The Sunny Side/This Little Light Of Mine— Richard would belt this out big time, and would expect the same from the rest of us!
23.You Are My Sunshine–this song closed many of Richard’s playlists. A sweet song from a sweet man. We’ll miss you, Mr. Mitlyng.

© 2016 Linda Zielinski, Fidalgo Ukulele Network