FUN JAM, Mar 16, 2017 Irish Hoopla!

Happy St Patrick’s Day Eve!  Get yer Greeeeen on!!  Maybe add an “O” to your name, like “O”Bama”!!  Here’s as Irish as we get: the playlist:  They aren’t in alpha order, but you can do it, sure & begorrah!  Michael Jackets (Hug The Man!!) created a current song chart date list especially for YOU, to EASILY check to for the most current song chart. Mike’s work is posted, top o’ the chart list below!!!  Pluck O’ The Irish will entertain at Senior Center St. Paddy’s Day Luncheon (Mar 17),beginning at 11:25. Sing along with the Plucks if you happen to be in the audience. There’s a good chance you’re in the group on stage!!
Current Song Chart Dates for st paddys day
Blow The Man Down
Bonny Hielan’ Laddie
Comin’ Through The Rye
I Never Will Marry
Mingulay E
Molly Malone
Peg O’ My Heart (H2)
Red Is The Rose E
Rollin’ Down To Old Maui
Sweet Rosey O’Grady
That’s An Irish Med-e-ley!
Whiskey In The Jar E
Wild Rover, The E
Danny Boy
What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor Warm up E
Unicorn, The E
Mary Mack   Warm up E (R1) Chords are Easy, singin’ is fast!!!
Early Morning Rain (R2) E
Cherry Pink & AB White (R1)
Priscilla’s Irish Jigs Medley done by the Pluck O’The Irish